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Learn how to play the guitar with free online guitar lessons. Through these lessons you will learn tuning, guitar chords, guitar tabs, easy riffs and songs, guitar notes, blues, strumming and much more.

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New riffs added:
Breaking the law guitar tab - Judas Priest
TNT guitar tab - ACDC
Satisfaction guitar tab - Rolling Stones
Paranoid guitar tab - Black Sabbath

Guitar scales has now got it's own section.

New free online guitar lessons and scales added:
3 easy blues licks for guitar
Major scale (Ionian mode)
Minor scale (Aeolian mode)
Blank tab sheets and chord papers

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More free video guitar lessons

New free online guitar lessons now available:

How to play maj7 chords
Minor pentatonic scale in five positions
The Wonderwall strumming pattern
3-chord songs
More about guitar tabs
12 bar blues
Blues improvisation
New list of 2 chord songs

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The notes on the guitar

Take a look at this new guitar notes chart and start learning the notes on the guitar. This lesson will explain how the guitar really works and the best way to learn the notes on the fretboard.
Go to this free lesson: The notes on the guitar

2-chord songs

It's not necessary to learn a whole bunch of chords to learn your first song. There are accutually some great songs using only two chords. If you need to practice switching between chords, these songs are great to begin with. I'm listing some of them in this new beginner lesson.

Go to this free online guitar lesson 2-chord songs.

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