Free online guitar lessons

These free online guitar lessons cover many different topics. If you are new to guitar or a beginner and want to learn guitar for free, start at the beginner guitar lessons section.

If you have played guitar for a while longer, don't miss the sections below, guitar chords,strumming, riffs, blues guitar and guitar scales. Welcome!

*New* Free video guitar lessons
New section for scales: Learn guitar scales

Beginner guitar lessons

How to tune a guitar
Learn how to tune your guitar using relative tuning.

Three basic chords
This lesson will introduce you to playing guitar chords. You will learn three basic chords and a chord progression using theese chords.

More basic chords
Here are some more basic guitar chords. Learn these and you'll be able to play a lot of songs.

How to read guitar tabs
This lesson will explain guitar tabs and how to read them.

More about guitar tabs
Here is some info about where to find guitar tabs, GuitarPro and so on.

2-chord songs
To play these songs, all you need is 2 chords!
I've also made a new, longer list of 2 chord songs. View the list of 2 chord songs

3-chord songs
You can come a long way with just three chords. Learn the some basic 3-chord songs and the theory behind it in this lesson. I've also made a long list of other three-chord songs for you to try.Click here to view the list of 3-chord songs

Power chord songs
Here's a list of power chord songs for you to try.

Learn the notes on the guitar
Take a look at the guitar neck chart and learn how the guitar works

Strumming the guitar
This lesson is an introduction to strumming the guitar, with some basic exercices

Basic strumming patterns
Learn a couple of basic common strumming patterns.

How to read guitar notes
Learn how to read guitar notes (standard notation) in this 4 step lesson

Learn guitar chords

Power chords
Power chords are easy to learn and still you can play a lot of songs using just these chords.

Barre chords
Learn how to use these great moveable chords.

How to play maj7 chords
Learn how to play many different types of maj7 chords, both in open position and movable shapes.

Learn guitar strumming

The Wonderwall strumming pattern
This is a famous strumming pattern and a great exercise so I decided to dedicate this new strumming lesson to it.

Don't miss the two strumming lessons in the beginner section above

Learn guitar riffs

Two easy guitar riffs
Learn the riffs from "Smoke on the water" and "Come as you are". These two classic riffs are great to start out with.

Heavens on fire

Breaking the law




Learn blues guitar

12 bar blues
This lesson will introduce you to the 12 bar blues. You will also learn the famous blues riff with some variations.

Blues improvisation
This lesson is an introduction to improvising in blues music. You will learn the minor pentatonic and the blues scale. There is also a blues background track to improvise to.

3 easy blues licks for guitar
These are the 3 basic licks for anyone who want's to start playing solo.

Learn guitar scales

Minor pentatonic scale in five positions

Minor blues scale in five positions

Major scale(Ionian mode) in 6 positions.

Minor scale(Aeolian mode) in 6 positions.

More stuff

Blank tab sheets and chord papers
Feel free to print out these blank sheets.

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