The major scale (Ionian)- 6 positions

The major scale is the first scale you should learn after the pentatonic scale (and the blues scale). This scale is also called the Ionian scale or the Ionian mode. There are many different ways to play this scale, but these are 6 basic positions. I'd recommend you to learn the 1st and the 5th positions first.

As you can see, these are actually the same patterns as for the pentatonic scale, but with 2 more notes added. Try to see if you can recognize the pentatonic pattern within this one.

The next step will be to learn the minor scale, which you will see, is the same as this one, but with an other root. In this case, the C major scale will be the same as an A minor scale. More about this in the minor scale lesson.

Later on, if you're in to metal and playing fast, it might be a good idea to also learn the 3-notes-per-string-patterns. They will be added in the scales section as soon as possible. Remember to use the alternate picking when practicing scales, keep the pick moving down, up, down, up and so on. The fingering is not written in stone, it needs to be changed in different situations.

Good luck!

C Major Guitar Scale

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