More 2 chord songs

Here is a longer list of 2 chord songs for you to try on guitar. Many of these songs are built on the 1st and 5th chords in different keys, for example Jambalaya(C and G7) and Tulsa time(E and B7). Try to play as many 2 chord songs as possible before moving on, it will certainly help you a lot when playing songs with more chords in the future. Here is the list of songs with 2 chords:

Song                            Composer/Artist              Chords       

Achy Breaky Heart               Billy Ray Cyrus              D A7

A horse with no name            America                      Em D

Anyone else but you             The Moldy Peaches            G Cmaj7

Down in the valley                                           D A7

Drunken sailor                                               Am G

Eleanor Rigby                   The Beatles                  C Em 

Feeling alright Traffic         Dave Mason                   C7 F7

Fire on the mountain            Greatful dead                B A

Go tell aunt Rhody                                           A E7

Hey Gyp                         Donovan                      A G

Jambalaya                       Hank Williams                C G7

London bridge is falling down                                F C7

Mary had a little lamb                                       G D7

Oh my darling Clementine                                     C G7

Paperback writer                The Beatles                  G7 C

Row row row your boat                                        A E

Skip to my lou                                               G C

Songbird                        Oasis                        G Em

What I got                      Sublime                      D G

Tom Dooley                                                   G D7

Tulsa time                      Don Williams                 E B7

Working class hero              John Lennon                  Am G

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