More about guitar tabs

Finding guitar tabulature on the net is not difficult. There are a lot of great tab websites and millions of tabs out there. Here are some of the best guitar tabulature sites:

911 Tabs
911 Tabs is a great website where you can search for tabs all over the net. It is basically a search engine that directs you to the guitar tabulature sites. For an example, if you search for Metallica you get over 25 000 tabs! There are totally about 3,5 million tabs indexed on
Ultimate Guitar is one of the largest guitar tab archives on the net with over 300 000 tabs.

This is another good tab site with over 200 000 tabs for bass and guitar.

Guitarpro tabs

A lot of the tabs are written directly as text on the website, but you will soon notice that there is also something called Guitar Pro and Guitar Pro tabs. Guitar Pro is a tabulature editor with which you can create and read more advanced tabulature including audio playtrack, rythmic notation, chord diagrams, metronome and much more. So if you want to view these tabs, you need the program. You can get a free trial version and try it for 15 days. For more info visit

Now you've got all the info you need to get out there and start looking for tabs. Remember to look at the rating for the tabs. If there are many versions of the same song, choose the one with the best rating.

Good luck!

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