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Power chord songs

Here is a list of songs based upon power chords. There are a few bands especially punk bands like Ramones and Green Day that have countless songs, built upon power chords. Many of these songs are very easy. Knowing that the songs use only power chords makes it a lot easier to learn them by ear and that is a great exercise.

Off course you can also find the tabs and see if you were about right. If you are not sure how to play power chords, take a look at the power chord lesson Here is the list of power chord songs:

Composer/Artist              Song       

Black Sabbath                Paranoid     
                             Iron man

Blink 182                    All the small things
                             What's my age again

Deep Purple                  Smoke on the water

Green day                    When september ends                          
                             Basket case
                             American idiot   
                             When I come around

Judas priest                 Living after midnight

Metallica                    For whom the bell tolls
                             Die, die my darling (Originally by the Misfits)

Motorhead                    King of Kings

Nirvana                      Smells like teen spirit

Offspring                    All I want
                             Self esteem

Ramones                      Sheena is a punkrocker
                             Blitzkrieg bop
                             Beat on the brat
                             The KKK took my baby away
                             I wanna be Sedated
Scorpions                    Rock you like a hurricane 

Sex pistols                  God save the queen
                             Holidays in the sun

The Kinks                    You really got me 

Weezer                       Buddy Holly
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