The Wonderwall strumming pattern

The strumming pattern from Wonderwall by Oasis, is a popular exercise for many guitarists and I decided to dedicate this strumming lesson to it. The strumming changes a little bit throughout the song, but let's focus on the characteristic strumming in the verse.

The first thing we should do is take a look at the chords and the progression. It's Em7, G, Dsus4 and A7sus4.

Em7 Open G Open Dsus4 A7sus4

As you can see, the 3rd and the 4th finger should stay on the same spot through the whole progression, only the 1st and 2nd finger change. Now practice switching between these chords with a simple strumming, just downstrokes on 1 & 2 & etc:

Wonderwall Exercise1

Since there are lots of 16ths in this strumming pattern, the next step will be to play down up down up on every 16th (4 strums per beat) like this:

Wonderwall Exercise2

If you are able to strum 16ths through the entire progression, without any trouble, it will certainly make the whole strumming pattern below a lot easier to learn. Another great exercise is to switch between 8ths and 16ths, that is actually what happens a lot in the Wonderwall strumming pattern.

Allright, time to try this famous strumming pattern. Here it is:

Wonderwall Strumming

As usual the right hand and arm should be moving steadily down up down up the whole time, in this song on every 16th. The trickiest part is when the A7sus4 chord comes. It's syncopated so the chord is suppose to be strummed in between, on the "a"(& a 3 a & a). Another way to look at it is that the A7sus4 should only be played using upstrokes, leaving the downstrokes out. To get this part right, it is extra important to keep a steady pulse in your right arm.

To get the right feeling in this strumming pattern I advice you to listen a lot to the original version, by Oasis. There are some small accentuations that can only be learned by listening to it. Also when you feel comfortable with this pattern, try to sing to it and learn the rest of the song as well.

That's it! Hope it was useful. More guitar strumming lessons will be coming up.

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